Permaculture Design Course - Sept. 2014

What - Certified Permaculture Design Course

When - 6-17 September 2014

Where - Ameixial, Algarve, Portugal

Who- Lesley Martin, André Neto Carvalho, Nuno Mamede, and others to be confirmed


More info:

This PDC costs 250€, wich includes course tuition, materials, accommodation in bunk beds, and access to showers and toilet.


Food is not included, but there are several places in ameixial where participants can have a proper meal.


The reduced price is due to the local council support, which sponsor the event with accommodation, and other logistics for free.


This PDC have no profit at all, which means that after all the costs are payed, the money thats left will be used to start a agriculture cooperative in the area, as a way to attract and fix young people, and create the conditions for creating jobs and income. We will design part of this process during this course.


This course presents a more complex and advanced design exercises, and interaction with the locals. In the last day, during the design presentations, we will invite the locals to come and be a part of it, so we can describe what have we design for the village.


Ameixial is a beautiful area in the mountains of Caldeirão, where most young people immigrate to the cities of the coastline or to foreign countries. In other hand, forest fires recently damaged the ecosystems, creating erosion, and lack of biodiversity.

This course will try to give practical answers to this problems.



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Course Outline
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